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On April 22,1981, Michael and Gladys Gianni were on their way to the hospital as Gladys was in labor to give birth to their third son, who was almost a full month past due. However, Michael needed to make a pit-stop at the city office to get his business license first.

The company started as M. Gianni Associates, a “Factory Representative Agency” by Michael Gianni as a sole proprietorship. In 1983, the assets of Heat Saver Insolation manufacturing company were acquired. It was operated for two years then sold to the Custom Fibers Co. In 1987, the assets of Western Hydronics, a rep agency, were acquired bringing several product lines. Over the next 10 years, the company grew by obtaining quality manufactures contracts. In 1995, a merger was proposed by a larger agency in Hayward and accepted. After 5 years, it was obvious the merger was never going to be completed and Michael was forced to take back his agency. Tom Fox accompanied Michael as a partner upon the reposition of his company to form Aqua Products Group.

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Combined Experience

In 2003, Aqua Products Group acquired PVF Sales, another rep agency, which brought along with the acquisition Cooper B-Line to further strengthen the Aqua Products Group offering.

In 2006, Michael’s second son, Nicholas, joined the team after his time in the Marine Corps and has since worked his way from the warehouse into the president’s position.

In 2012, the assets of Encore Sales were acquired and Brian Woodhams further bolstered the experienced APG sales team. The better Encore contracts were merged into Aqua Products Group and have proven themselves as high quality product offerings such as Canfield Technologies.

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Service and Reliability

The year 2017 proved to be another exciting year for APG - Tom’s shares were acquired by the company, but he has remained as an outside salesman to keep the South Bay informed of the high-quality products available to them. Additionally, the assets of CAPRI Sales were acquired and the desired contracts, such as Black Swan Chemicals, were merged in to the APG offering. The acquisition of CAPRI Sales also brought the opportunity to open another location in Sacramento to serve the Capitol City and Northern Nevada customers better.

Today the Aqua Products Group team consists of a full well-trained inside and outside sales staff, two warehouses, and several industry leading product lines that cover three states.

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Representing the finest product lines for Plumbing, Industrial and Mechanical Applications Quality products designed for installation by the professional contractor


Plumbing: Solder, brazing rod, caulking lead, Copper fittings, Gas pipe and fittings, POU water heaters, Valves, water conditioning, and much more Mechanical piping products: Strut and Hangers, Valves, Boiler room Accessories Strut and Hangers, Valves, Boiler room Accessories Pumps: A complete line of pumps for your every need Specializing in solving your toughest pump design problems. Complete pre-assembled booster pump systems, waste handling systems, and others; all available in standard and custom designs   Pump Accessories: Expansion tanks, Sump basins and basin components, Control Panels, and specialty item   Representing the finest product lines for Plumbing, Industrial and Mechanical Applications Quality products designed for installation by the professional contractor

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